Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Storm gods

One last picture and story about Savanna. 

Jilda and I walked a great deal while in Savannah. On Saturday after our afternoon nap, we decided to walk over to River Street. It sits on the banks of the Savannah River. 

The sun was shining when we left. The temps were warm and the sun was baking tourists from around the glove. We heard languages we couldn't associate with a country.

Midway into the stroll, a raindrop fell on Jilda's face. Not long after that, we took shelter under a store awning.

The rain slacked up and we walked further. When we got to the small park where the steps descended down to River Street, we heard thunder. It wasn't leisurely - Oh look we'll get to see lightning in the distance - kind of thunder, but a menacing stomping sound. 

Living in Walker County, Alabama, we both recognized the sound. We opted to skip holding hands on the boardwalk, and subscribed to the get the hell back to the B&B option.

About halfway back, we heard drunk guys coming up from behind. I heard one of them say breathlessly to us - we should all take cover....there's a tornado coming.

Both Jilda and I have weather apps on our phone and we are attuned to weather alerts. When I turned to see if the guy was pulling our leg, I could tell he was serious. 

Just then, both Jilda's and my phones chirped in stereo. TORNADO WARNING FOR YOUR LOCATION. TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY.

We both stepped inside a stairwell with our new tipsy friends and waited for a few minutes.  When the radar refreshed, we could tell the storm was off to the north of us about a mile.

We thanked our buddies for thinking of us and we quick-stepped it back to the B&B and darted to our basement room in case the storm changed its mind.

I later read that some parts of the city sustained some damage and everyone was saying how rare it was to have a tornado in Savanna. 

We didn't bother telling people that we get our mail on tornado street in Alabama. They would have christened us the Storm-gods.


  1. Since meeting you on the net I have thought you were sort of a lightening rod! LOL Glad all was well, it does your heart good to speed up sometimes.
    The best wishes from NOrth Carolina.....
    Sherry & jack

  2. PS: I think Jilda has learned to live with danger, and puts up with you! ;-)

  3. It seems like you two can't go on a Wedding Anniversary getaway without some sort of diversion. I know that you are trying to keep it exciting but there is some entity that wants to spoil your peace. I'm glad you could get to safety in a hurry.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Your getaways are always adventurous. Glad your ok. Gotta love being hunkered down with tipsy friends. haha.

  5. Wow what an awesome photo

  6. Thank Goodness for the drunk guys. I find tornadoes fascinating but very scary. I always feel like it is the devil's finger whirling things up


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