Saturday, May 25, 2019


I'm sure it's possible that there is a more beautiful flower with an aroma more heavenly than a gardenia. It's a big world and there are over 400,000 flowering plants.

Perhaps in the Amazon Rain Forest, there are blossoms that put the gardenia to shame.  I've heard that Bali and Hawaii have remarkable bloom'age (is that a word?)

This much I can say for sure. In Empire, Alabama in May of 2019. There are no flowers that can hold a candle to our gardenias.


  1. Gardenias are indeed glorious, and a plant I have never succeeded in keeping.
    Fortunately I don't have to choose a favourite but can marvel at them all.

  2. You hit the nail on the head for mty wife. We had a scraggly gardinia behind the house, but she has loved the looks and smell this spring. She kept saying there is supposed to be one out front.
    I have just TRIMMED all the bushes out front. But yesterday I asked her about a bush out front that had a white flower on it. She went out to look, It is THE Sardinia she called. She looked close and it has a million (?) buds on it. I only cut off a few (thank God!). She is tickled pink (white). I actually started to blog about that bush tonight but did not.
    good on you. She will love this entry when she gets here tomorrow.
    From NC Sherry & jack

  3. It's one of the marvelous of nature

  4. I love the smell of gardenia but also a lot of other blooms. Each different fragrance are such a gift from the Creator. Enjoy your Gardenias, they are heavenly like you say... My humble little Lilly of the Vally are just about to bloom, and my hyacinths are also giving an exotic perfume. I'm always filled with amazement at their perfume.

    Have a restful Sunday.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. That is a pretty bloom!

  6. My Mother-in-law loved gardenias and worked hard to get one to bloom. When it finally did my hubby said his brothers were goofing around and knocked the bloom off. They didn't want their Mom to know since she was so excited to finally have one that they taped it back on the plant. Of course that didn't work for long! Enjoy your beautiful blooms!


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