Thursday, May 23, 2019

Telling stories

I interviewed an older gentleman this morning for the paper. He was delightful. During the conversation, I learned that he was good friends with my dad and my grandparents. 

The morning slipped away before I realized it. 

I have a deadline for this story, so I said my goodbyes and headed home to write.  A few hours later, I was editing copy and choosing pictures to run with the story.

Stories like the one today is why I love the work I"m doing. Telling stories that would otherwise go untold.

This is another one I will share once it runs.

When I was looking for a photo tonight, I came across some beach flowers that I shot a few weeks ago at Tybee Island.


  1. I firmly believe we NEED stories.
    And thank you for the beauty of those flowers (another need).

  2. The best stories are often about people you pass by every day without a clue how interesting they are.

  3. Beautiful flowers and intriguing interview with an elder. I look forward to your article. Half century ago I interviewed people from the Portuguese and Japanese settlements along the pocket in the Sacramento River. I wrote a book which was rejected Norton&Sons, but earned me 3 valuable credits from the college --which was really all I was after. I learned an awesome lot.

  4. We will be looking forward to the printed version from a 'Story-Teller'. I enjoy life thru the eyes and words of a good story teller. A tradition I fear is waning.
    Sherry & jack

  5. You must have been tickled Pink to find out he knew your parents and grandparents and maybe he told you some stories about them you never knew. I am looking forward to your story. I also love the photo!

  6. I'm sure there were some stories of your family included that morning. That is wonderful. Great picture.

  7. Being a storyteller is the best part of writing for me.

  8. Everyone has a story to tell and it's a privilege to hear them. Sometimes it's the stories that you don't hear which are the most telling.


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