Sunday, July 14, 2019


 Bougainvilleas are finicky shrubs. The Mandevilla on the porch has been blooming for almost two weeks, but the bougy just sat there sulking.

I read where they are not fond of water. Aha! We water the flowers, shrubs, and garden stuff daily so maybe that's why the bougainvillea was not blooming. So I cut back.

Jilda came inside today and said you need to check your problem child. When I walked out the first blossoms had popped out.

It's a beautiful blossom. It looks as fragile as a spider's web. Last year the blossoms were a cross between orange and beige. This year they are crimson.

Soon the deck will be blazing with bougainvilleas.


  1. So beautiful and I didn't know that they can bloom in different colors. A surprise each season! I hope that crazy hurricane isn't causing you trouble. My oldest is in Alabama on vacation and I hope they are enjoying it down there! (He loves Alabama and wants to retire there one day) Enjoy the blooms and stay safe!

  2. I admire you guys that can grow stuff, and even know the names. Neat. Beautiful flower for sure.
    Sherry & jack up north in PA

  3. These are beautiful..I dare not touch the screen our my black thumb may kill it. I am not allowed to touch the plants in my hubby’s garden...hahahahaa

  4. I hadn't realised they were delicate beasts. Beautiful yes, but not delicate.

  5. Wow those are beautiful. Low watering? Thats my kind of plant

  6. I've always loved bougainvilleas (thanks for the spelling help, lol). When I lived in San Antonio, my Mom always had them. I haven't tried them here in Albuquerque, and I suspect it might be too hot in my backyard....but maybe it's time to try. They are really lovely.

  7. Bougainvillea and Mandevilla are such delightfully southern sounding names for plants Lovely flowers.

  8. Just to let you know, bougainvillea are violent and mean. I know this because in our old house, we had one, 25 yrs. old. Vicious thing, beautiful, but mean spirited. Don't turn your back on them or else it will grow and then encase you. Spikes too.


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