Sunday, July 21, 2019

Honey harvest

Today was honey harvest day. I suited up early this morning and headed to the hives. Even though it was cooler today, I had to wear thick clothes under my bee veil so I don't get stung.

By the time I pulled the cart with all the things I need, I was drenched in perspiration. 

I smoked the bees into the hive and then started on the hive that needed the most attention. I checked the frames and most of them were about 75 % full. I removed the first eight frames of honey and replaced them with empty frames. 

By the time I finished the work on that one hive, I closed the hive, thanked the bees and headed to the house. 

The eight frames I removed today gave me almost a gallon of honey. 

This coming week, the temps are supposed to be much cooler. I'll do the other three hives then. Hopefully, I'll have enough honey to make it through winter.


  1. A gallon would last me through the winter, and I use it in my coffee or oatmeal instead of sugar. I think you'll end up giving some to friends.

    Fun and sweet hobby.

  2. YUM! You could take your harvest to farmer's markets and sell it...or just enjoy the fruit of your labors! Did you ever read the book, The Secret Life Of Bees? It's a movie too, but I enjoy reading and loved that book. Have a sweet week!

    1. Yes, read that book and loved it. I also read a book recently read the Book of Bees by Sue Hubble. It’s about a single woman who was a commercial beekeeper. It too was a very good book.

  3. A busy and productive day. I have a sensitivity to bee stings. The last one I received blew my arm up to michelin man proportions.
    I am glad you escaped and wish you joy of your harvest.

    1. Being sensitive to stings would be a showstopper. I don’t get stung often but I got stung yesterday.
      I’m still a novice and I probably do things that aggravate the little critters so I don’t fuss at them when they sting me.
      I do love the honey in my coffee and on my cereal.

  4. Congratulations on your honey harvest. I seldom eat honey but my husband has a sweet tooth and buys honey by the case from the local bee keeper.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. How wonderful. We had an elderly neighbor who had many hives. People would travel out to rural county to buy his honey.

  6. Save a chunk of honeycomb for me. It is a wonderful treat to chew on a honeycomb full of honey.

  7. I am drooling! I honey! The nice thing is it never goes bad which is great. If you have allergies, it will be great and take some of the honeycomb wax with it because of all the antihistamine in that as well.

  8. I am impressed about the gallon of honey. I had no idea they produce this quickly. This makes me want to learn the bee game. I love honey. I have always believed honey was a key to keeping good health. let me know if you ever decide to sale a jar? I love fresh honey and really love the comb !!

  9. The American poet Sylvia Plath started beekeeping when she lived in England. She wrote some poems connected to the subject.



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