Friday, July 19, 2019

Chicken tales

My great nephew Jordan and I worked on his 4-H chicken project today. The man from the county extension service was coming to vaccinate the chickens and we had to make the pen presentable. 

We raked the old shavings and hay out and dumped it in the compost pile, then spread a fresh carpet of cedar shavings. He washed their feeding trays and water containers.

He collected his noted to make sure he could answer questions about the amount of feed they've eaten, the different breeds of birds, and how much water they are drinking.

When the agent arrived, Jordan had his "chicks in a row" as they say. He heled the chickens as the agent gave them the shots.

The extension guy was impressed. 

Jordan will have to do a presentation in September at the county fair. The downside three he will have to select three of his chickens to go into the 4-H auction. The proceeds from the sale of the chickens fund the project for next year. 

Jilda and I plan to go and watch him do his thing and if there's any way possible, we will bid on the chickens.


  1. I was thinking you would probably bid on the three chickens, I suspect you'll get them back.

  2. You can't let Jordan's family of chickens be separated.

  3. I am amazed, I did not know that chickens were vaccinated. The suckers are big too. Good for the Chicken Man, he 'done' good.
    Sherry & jack

  4. I hope you can buy the chickens back. Rather a lot.

  5. Im really impressed. He is such a good kid. I hope your win the bid on a chicken, or three.

  6. 4H is big around here too and many kids raise livestock and then they go to auction. The money helps them with future school expenses and such but I know I could never do it...I would be too attached. I know your Jordan will be a blue ribbon winner and will have learned so much. He's a great kiddo.


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