Tuesday, July 23, 2019


My friend Charles commented on my post last night. He's about to take the leap from film to digital cameras. He's looking for advice. I'll post his note below and if any of you have recommendations, please share them.

I don't have experience with either of the cameras he mentions below but if you have, please weigh in and let him know your thoughts.

His note:

Rick, I like all of your columns, but to special note of this one because I am just now at the point of making that digital jump. I'm still shooting 35mm with a Canon AE1 which I have loved using. Because of price, I think I am always going to be using an "entry-level" camera. For something comparable to what I have enjoyed with the AE1, I am now looking at the Canon Rebel T6 and the Nikon 3500. I'm leaning toward the Nikon. Wondering if you or you blog followers have any advice?


  1. I remember going to digital and all I wanted was one that could create great pictures, not be too confusing, easy to use, and not too costly. I’m not sure if this helps at all.

  2. I can only judge by the entry level 35mm Nikon. Although I never learned all the bells and whistles, it still gave me pictures I was proud of. I am strictly going by the name, I have never had a 'good' digital camera. but I do hope to one day. I would be interested in which camera Charles ends up with and 'HIS' recommendation after some use.
    I know that is one sided, and I am not a photographer, but want a good point and shoot, shooter. LOL
    the best to Charles and hope he finds what he is looking for.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I am also a happy snapper - but love my Panasonic Lumix.


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