Thursday, July 18, 2019

Yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly

It was hotter than a fanny in a firepit this morning as we walked. Sweat started dripping down my temples as I stood by the backyard fence waiting for Jilda to get the harness on Taz. I saw a tiny yellow and black bird. It looked almost like a canary. The mate was yellow and grey. Both were beautiful.

Gently pulling the phone from my pocket, I tried to snap a few pictures, but they were shy. Tomorrow, I'll pull a chair down there and take my DSLR camera down there. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a shot with the telephoto.

As we made the first lap this morning, I noticed another yellow creature down by the barn. It flew up into the branches of a small tree. I stepped closer and shot several pictures. It was a yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly. I was happy.


  1. That butterfly is gorgeous. Good luck in capturing the bird on your camera - little birds often move faster and less predictably than greased lightening.

  2. Sounds like the New Jersey State bird, the Gold Finch. If so, hang out by your sunflower to find them.

  3. Always something happy to see on your posts Rick.

  4. I did smile at the opening line:
    It was hotter than a fanny in a firepit...........
    LOL I think we all know what you mean! As I've said many times I do not think I have ever had a butterfly cooperate with a pose, except when one sits and I enjoy its beauty and then say later, 'I should have caught that!'
    Sherry & jack up north and still hot! (well north to us)


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