Friday, July 05, 2019


We got a nastygram from the IRS in early June. It said we owed $814. I scratched my head and said some unkind things about Uncle Sam and my accountant...but that number sounded familiar.

When I looked in my records, we paid $814 in April when I filed my taxes We did a cashier's check and sent the payment through certified mail.

I checked the IRS site, it said they had not received the payment.

I looked at my U.S. mail receipt and verified the envelope containing our payment was delivered. I then called the bank to make sure the check cleared. It did. 

I sent a snooty letter to the IRS pointing out their error and slept soundly that night.

Today, we got a second notice with added late charges, penalties, and poo-poo charges.

I tried calling them and went through 1776 options before being placed in the right queue. I was there about 30 seconds and I got a recording saying the had a high call volume to call back later. It then hung up on me.

Had I taken my blood pressure at this point, my BP cuff would have said - CALL 911.

I took a few cleansing breaths and then called my accountant. He chuckled and said bring him the documents and he'd handle it Monday. Apparently, he had a hotline that the IRS actually answers.

Next year, I may drive my taxes to the IRS and demand a signature.

I'm about to drink a cup of sleepytime tea and hit the hay.


  1. I hope you sleep well. And three cheers for your accountant.

  2. I think I would copy all your records of receipts and mail them to the collection dept that keeps asking you for the money, and keep mailing them until they stop. Sleep well, it will clear up.

  3. Must be something in the water where they process returns. For two years straight I have heard from the IRS about something 'ridiculous.' The first time since I first filed in 1956.
    Yeah I know about the blood pressure just seeing the return address this year!
    But it ain't worth it.
    Sherry & jack....

  4. I would pay attention to the fact that your accountant has a hot line to the IRS. so do the lawyers.
    The hotel booking corporations have a hot line to the hotels.
    The genealogical corporations have a hot line to archives and cemeteries.
    All these factors live on us. They don't want the individual citizen to settle his own problems. They want our money, and they get it. It's going to be much, much worse.

  5. Nice play on the 4th "1776 options"....everyone makes mistakes, but the IRS has no sense of humor ~ and I doubt you'll receive an apology. :-) Rest easy my friend!

  6. Joeh is right. It is fortunate that you made all those copies.

    IRS has made some really bad decisions, been careless. IRS granted Scientology status of being a church, which allows tremendous money influx.

  7. Ineptitude in the government? Who woulda thunk? I hope it is taken care of soon.


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