Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It doesn't take much to amuse me

The weather has been hard on Jordan's chickens this week. I put an oscillating fan in their pen and that helped a great deal. They are drinking about three gallons of water a day. They are still small chickens, but they are thirsty.

A few days ago, Jilda picked a double handful of basil and other herbs and put them in a bowl of water. She then put the bowl in the freezer. 

Yesterday, I took the chunk of ice with the embedded herbs down and put it in the pen. They didn't know at first what to do, but it only took a moment before they were all clucking a sigh of relief.

This evening after I put another two gallons of fresh water in their pen, I stepped back onto the deck and sat for a few minutes and looked at the clouds in the evening sky. There is a half-moon straight overhead.

As I started to go inside, I noticed a pink Mandevilla blossom on the plant next to the door. When I squatted down to shoot a picture I had an idea.  

My knees complained, but I squatted lower and shot a picture of the blossom with the half-moon photo bombing the flower. 

It doesn't take much to amuse me when it's hot.


  1. Love the photo! It's also dang hot and humid here. Arnie isn't fond of the heat and prefers to do his business and also head indoors. Poor chickens. I'm assuming they don't lay many eggs in the heat weather? Take care Rick!

  2. Brilliant photo. The sweaty season has me hankered down indoors and it does take a lot to amuse my sad, soggy and grumpy self.

  3. The pain in your knees was worth it to US who are enjoying it. LOL From a green PA
    Sherry & jack


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