Thursday, February 20, 2020

An old cold rainy day

Mother Nature can be cruel. A few weeks ago it was almost warm enough to swim. Then the rains set in. The river has been up and down.

Today, rain fell in sheets. Normally, that's not that big of a deal, but today it was also cold. I'm surprised that we didn't see snow flurries.

While my friends up north would probably giggle, at me whining about a temp of 42 degrees, it felt a lot colder with the blowing rain.

This evening, we cranked up the fireplace while we ate dinner. The warmth felt good on a level that's hard to describe.

I'm looking forward to sunny skies this weekend.


  1. Thanks for sending that stuff this away, it turned into SNOW here and is still falling. The grands are hoping for an accumulation, but most likely not. The fireplace looks inviting.
    Sherry & jack

  2. No better warmth!

  3. There is definitely something about an open fire...

  4. Hey, yesterday and today was something like -5C but by the weekend it is supposed to be a balmy 7C. This up and down weather is driving me nuts. I would prefer cold and snow

  5. A fireplace heating your home! Just what you need on a chilly day.

  6. Fireplace looks great to me. We are in FL right now and on the east coast.
    Wind is 45 mph this morning and temps at 38° with wind chills factored in...and raining. A good day to stay inside and read old novels! Have a great day!


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