Saturday, February 01, 2020

The Beach at sunset

Jilda and I planned to attend a beekeeping conference today south of Birmingham. The conference features gurus from around the county who come and talk about the various aspects of caring for honeybees.

As it turns out, Jilda didn't feel comfortable leaving Taz here so soon after her surgery. I was going to stay home as well, but she insisted.

Some of the lectures were still above my head. I have so much to learn. But one that was worth the price of admission was one on how to create a bee meadow.

Jilda and I have a few acres that are perfect for planting a bee meadow. Today, I learned how to get started. We have the tools, the resources, and today I learned which flowers to plant for our area and which ones to avoid. It was an incredible class.

Since I didn't have an opportunity to shoot a picture today, I found one from six years ago. We were at the beach at sunset.

There are few places better than the beach at sunset.


  1. Wow! A bee meadow, can't wait to hear more about this new project.

  2. You're going to spoil those bees!

  3. Hooray for bee meadows.
    And the beach - at dusk or at dawn.

  4. Your meadow photos will be great I'm sure! The meadow will be like a bee resort! Jack and I are thinking of going to Florida at the end of the month and maybe I'll catch a couple of beach sunsets! (maybe even a will be good just to see the sun!)

  5. Thank you for the picture, I so need a beach day! Take heart, our groundhog Phil says it will be an early Spring this year !

  6. Nice. I have never heard of a Bee Meadow, what a great idea. I do remember open areas with knee high wild flowers covered with bees as I made my way to the river to fish as a kid.
    Yep, I bet you can create a good one with you land.
    Love the picture, as always
    Sherry & jack

  7. You are going to have the sweetest honey around.

  8. You had me at “beach”.
    Can’t wait to read about your bees again soon. Those loofah vines will also create large bee attracting flowers all summer.

    1. We have the loofa seeds in with some of the others we’ve collected.
      We’re excited.

  9. Your photo is one of reflection. We try to have flowers that are good for butterflies and bees like Silvia and the butterfly bush. Which flowers are not good for bees?


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