Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Something good for supper

It's rained today. At times it was so hard that I had to slow to a crawl to be safe.  One of my appointments was with a man who will be 93 next Tuesday. He was a veteran.

When I walked into his home, I could smell fresh coffee brewing. His wife met us at the door and took me to the living room where her husband sat in a recliner. He doesn't hear well, so he didn't hear me approach. He was watching the birds feed on his back deck. He was smiling.

After introducing myself, I sat down to talk for a while. He was pleasant. When I asked him questions, it seemed to take him a moment to flip through the pages of his memory before he answered.

On his walls were pictures of his medals and the ship he was on during WWII. When I asked him about his service, he remembered bits and pieces.

Life has been good to him, he says. He lived through the Great Depression, but his mama and grandmama both had milk cows, chickens, and big gardens. Unlike so many, he had food to eat most of the time.

When I asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. It's a question I always ask those I interview. He got a big smile on his face. He said I want to eat something good for supper.



  1. Such a simple and poignant ambition. I hope he achieved it many more times than he didn't.

  2. Still a quick wit.

  3. I pictured something good for supper in your post instead we got a little eye candy with your picture. Thanks !

  4. Oh the wisdom of the greatest generation. My Mom will be 94 in May and I think she would agree with the good dinner! I'm so glad you are interviewing these folks who are leaving us each day and taking many wonderful memories, lessons, good humor and common sense with them.

  5. Cute post.

  6. Love that last answer of course. Not many of the old vets still around but they sure showed up to bat and won the game.
    Very good post and picture.
    Sherry & jack

  7. This is a loving story and I envy you because you can soak up this man’s wisdom, love of life, his wit and his memories of major events.


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