Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Off to the races

It's been cold and rainy here again today but apparently, the trees and shrubs don't care. When I walked out this morning to get the paper, I noticed that the Carolina Jasmine on the front arbor was blooming. That was promising.

Later when we walked, we had to bundle up because the wind out of the northwest was cold. Before we finished the first lap, it started drizzling.

After lunch, Kodak was still antsy so I took him back outside for a while. When I walked down by the bee yard, I noticed that the peach tree has started to bloom.

A few warm days and things will be off to the races.


  1. A race where all the competitors (and viewers) are winners.

  2. Good point by EC above. Yep I was out pulling honey suckle vines and ivy yesterday thinking of your Bees, seeing the leaves popping out on bushes. Hoping for an early Spring here.
    Sherry & jack

  3. We have winds out of the northwest here today, but it's in the 20's and it's icy cold. I love hearing about your Blossoming Spring there. It continues to give me hope. No winter lasts forever.


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