Sunday, February 23, 2020

Beautiful place

It's been overcast today. The temps reached for 60 degrees but didn't quite make it. The wind out of the northwest made long sleeves feel good.

I tried to take pictures, but everything looked flat in the gray light.

I looked through old pictures tonight trying to find one for this post. I came across this one that I took somewhere near Carmel, California in the summer of 2005. We took our niece Samantha with us. She'd never flown before.

It was a remarkable few days. I'm happy that Jilda and I got to share them with Samantha and she had the opportunity to see a truly beautiful place.


  1. Such gorgeous colors in the photo. Yesterday was damp with a cold wind. Today the sun shone on us and Franklin and I went for a walk.


  2. Our weather was sunny too and was suppose to be near 50..didn't quite make that but the sun made it nice anyway! Love the that sailboat on the water!

  3. It is indeed beautiful. Heart balm.

  4. We can’t seem to have both sunny and warm. Its either warm and rainy or sunny and cold. Today it’s in the 50’s and cloudy. I’ll take it.
    Beautiful photo.

  5. that is a beautiful picture of a beautifully place and I'm sure it's filled with some great memories too.What a blessing to have pictures like this to look at on blah days

  6. New , special places thrill us. And first flights also are specdial, or they have been for us.
    I like the picture of course.
    Thinking of y'all
    Sherry and jack

  7. It's supposed to be 9C today which is crazy! I still can't believe that Antarctica has the same temps as you got. This is scary. The picture of the place you visited looks so serene. hope you had a great time


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