Friday, February 07, 2020

Smidge of snow

We had an errand south of Birmingham this morning and as we were getting ready, I let the dogs out front to chase the squirrels off the bird feeders. It's a game they play.

As we were about to head out, I opened the door to get the dogs back inside. Just then a young deer stepped to the edge of the woods. BAM! Like a shot, both Hook and Kodak were on the job.

The problem is, it took a good 20 minutes to round them up.

Jilda called to tell the person we were meeting that we'd be a little late. I walked down to the edge of the yard and called to Kodak. Either he didn't hear or was having too much fun with the chase.

As I stood there, my breath was like I was making clouds. It was about 34 degrees. I snapped an "art picture" of the daffodils to kill a little time waiting on the dogs.

A few minutes later they came thundering back up from the hollow by the house. They were so happy they could be of assistance by keeping those pesky deer out of the yard.

Once in Birmingham, little flecks of snow fell on the windshield.


  1. I know you would like a little snow but with the daffodils and things blooming it might not be a good idea! We got more than a smidge..schools were closed and we were under a weather advisory. More to come tomorrow. We've had it pretty good so far and I'm enjoying seeing the white flakes coming down.

  2. Over here we got a tiny smidge of rain (an incontinent pigeon could have done better).

  3. Well, I hate to brag but we had 68 degrees and sunshine. Our Scooter was a hunter but she couldn't ever find her way home.

  4. Rick, Best snow ever...little flecks. I know my brother has an Indiana snow shovel over in Anniston. LOL. Loved seeing the green growth. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Yes, very nice to see those daffodils, a sure harbinger of Spring. We know it will come but it's nice to see them. Here they are still buried under the snow.

  6. Our rains have gone but the cold arrived. No snow here. I do like that real LIFE picture of NEW GROWTH! The best to y'all and the pups.
    Stay warm
    Sherry & jack

  7. Oh those brave and mighty hunters. They made your yard safe once again for your family.

  8. I know all about those 'hunters'. We had a Maine Coon (an inside one) and every chance he got he would RACE out the door to 'hunt'. One time he came back dragging a rabbit (bigger than he was) by the neck and had to kind of walk over/around it to bring it home. I grabbed him and made him let the rabbit loose. He/She ran off as quick as a bunny. lol Glad your fearless hunters were corralled. lol

  9. We are seeing lots of flakes today (Saturday). My daffodils are blooming too.

  10. No snow for me but we have rain beautiful rain

  11. No snow here. No daffodils either. No worries.


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