Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bee school

I started down the training path to becoming a master beekeeper today. My ears and eyes were hurting by the third module. There were six, and this was day one of three.

If I can pass the test on Saturday, I will be an apprentice beekeeper. I had no idea how little I knew.

Today we looked at the hive as a society, hive inspections, parts of a hive, and the anatomy of bees. It's fascinating, excruciating, and so forth.

At the end of day three, we take a test. I'm not sure if my brain has enough free space to hold what I need to maintain. 

I could probably toss some of the old sports statistics, and maybe some of the Gilligan's Island trivia. I don't use that much anymore.

At any rate, they are throwing more at me than professors did while doing graduate work in college. But as I sit here in contemplation, I think what I'm learning here now is more important than most of the things I learned in college.


  1. It would certainly be more important than anything I learned in college - with the exception of how to learn.
    Have fun, and good luck.

  2. A good thing to learn. Without bees ....
    Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

  3. Ha! We sat at our table a couple days ago when nephew Steve brought us a quart of his honey. He is a new Bee Keeper (3 yrs now). I told him about you and he talked about his Bee school and how amazed he was at the depth needed to KNOW how to do the Bee Keeping. He said, "Them females can be MEAN!" That swarm in the tree reminded us of some of your previous entries and how well the stories matched, so both of y'all are doign well it seems. The best of luck, now,"Bee careful!"
    Sherry & jack

  4. Hope you passed the test! The older we get the harder it is for our brains to take in new things and iI can relate to having it made my head hurt at times.

  5. As soon as you mentioned school and test, I went into anxiety mode. I am certain you will do well even with a Gilligan's island trivia thrown in. Happy Valentine's day!

  6. I'd be hoping for a true/false test.

  7. At school I usually did so so on tests
    My health tests are often normal showing nothing


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