Saturday, February 29, 2020

Weary bones

Yesterday when we walked, the sun was sinking low. We were mostly in the shade except for shafts of sunshine that made it through the trees.

A patch of sunlit grass before us looked like neon. The earth around us is coming alive.

I've been leaving jars or sugarwater on the back deck for the bees to feed on until more things bloom. Today there were thousands of bees buzzing around. They are used to Jilda and me. I sat on the steps today, drinking tea and eating parched peanuts. They were curious but do not bother us.

Soon, we'll start having the great-nieces and nephews over for summer fun, so this morning, I built them a feeding bench down in the garden.

This afternoon, my neighbor came over, and we cleared the rest of the junk out of the old house. I'll call Monday and have the recycling place come and take the dumpster away.

Soon, I'll start on the second phase of the project, which will involve building shelves, workbenches, and other improvements.

Tonight, my bones are weary. I'll get Jilda to mix up her magic potion that she puts in the bathwater. I always feel taller when I get out of the tub.


  1. The earth may seem like it's still sleeping here in Ohio but I see shoots coming up even through the snow. I hope you've read the book, The Secret Life Of would like it I think.

  2. Hooray for magic potions. You have been very, very busy.

  3. I suspect you are looking to the second phase of your bee project.

  4. Your bones have a right to be weary. Glad you take care of them with magic stuff.

  5. Rick, I wish I had some of Jilda's magic potion for my bath. I want to feel taller too. Thanks for feeding the bees. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. You've been very busy and am glad you finially got the job done or should I say ready to move on to the phase. Glad the bees are getting used to you and don't mind sharing the space. I was always told that they won't bother us if you don't bother them. You should have some very happy bees there

  7. Nice to know someone with the magic potion!! I am infected with a BEE disease. LOL We had a good drive thru the Smokies coming back from Georgia (to miss the traffic). I started counting Bee Hives. Boy do those mountaineers like honey! Hundreds of 'em thangs.
    Anyway I know you guys are gonna love the NEW space...
    Sherry & jack

  8. I would love to know here magic potion. I fell today and my knees kept me alive as I fell. I can hardly move now.

  9. I am bone weary today, just saying


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