Sunday, February 16, 2020

Catch up

The sun played hide and seek for most of the day. It was out in the morning when we walked but then decided to take a nap around lunchtime.

I had a ton of chores that I've been shuffling for weeks, so today was the day. The roof over the chicken pen had developed some leaks. When it rained hard, the hens got a shower while they sat on their nests to lay eggs. 

There were a number of other small projects that nagged at me each day that I managed to do. It felt good.

Jilda and I met a friend for coffee at Books a Million this afternoon. She worked at the rehab center where Jilda works but left for another job several months ago. We sipped java, talked books, and caught up.

On the way home, the sun came back out and the blue sky behind a crop of white clouds was remarkable. 

By the time we got close to home, the sun has sunk below the horizon and the sky looked like a Renoir.

A car behind me was following closely and there wasn't a place where I could safely pull over and shoot some pictures so I took a mental photo and drove on.

Tonight, as I looked for artwork for tonight's post, I came across this photograph I took a few years ago. It will have to do.


  1. It sounds like a most excellent day. Describing your photo as 'it will have to do' is a serious underestimation.

  2. Beautiful shot of color. Yep, at times even on the back roads someone wants to be where I am and I cannot just pull over. I seldom want to, but it seems the times I really want to, that person is on my bumper and I realize, 'I am the old man driving too slow' that used to bug me.....
    Anyway we enjoyed this read.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I love a day when projects can get done. You know I love a beautiful sunset pic!

  4. It was a beautiful day here today. Lots of sunshine.
    I love this photo.


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