Sunday, June 07, 2020

A better steward

I lost another beehive yesterday. I checked it last week and while it wasn't robust, I felt it would endure.

The weather this spring has not been bee weather. It's been cold and rainy WAY more than normal. While cooler weather is good for walking and the garden's love rain, honeybees love warm weather with everything blooming.

The hive I lost swarmed in March. That means that the queen bee along with 30,000 of her strongest girlfriends left the hive in search of a new home. Left behind was an unborn queen and 20,000 worker bees wondering why they weren't in the "swarm crowd".

Then the weather got cold and rainy again.

The bottom line, either the unborn queen had a problem, or it did hatch out and died tragically looking for love. There are other options, but let's just say, the hive got weaker.

When a hive gets weak, it's susceptible to a wide range of maladies. This one succumbed to wax moths. These flighty creatures get into a hive and lay eggs in the honeycomb. When their offsprings hatch they feast on the honeycomb, the pollen, and the unborn honeybees. What's left is not pretty.

Since we got our first hives, I've learned volumes. But the more I learn, the more I realize that I don't even fathom what I don't know.

Few things in life come easy and things that are worthwhile can be even more difficult. I said that to say this – I will double my efforts to become a better steward for the honeybees who depend on me.


  1. I am sorry about the loss - and applaud your determination.

  2. We all need to learn to be better stewards of our Earth. You are striving to learn and do more which is a lot more than most of us.

  3. It is sweet to learn more. LOL I do wonder what the ones left think? About Honey. While we were in Mexico for some dental work, my son bought a pint of honey. None of us cared for it, it had a 'different taste.' Finally yesterday I put it out in a bowl, floating in water to keep the ants out thinking maybe some wild creature would want it, so far no takers.
    Sherry & jack

  4. I am so sorry you lost the hives. I feel sure you will replace them soon.

  5. You live and you learn. Everything that happens has a lesson meant for us. But we cannot control the weather It has a mind of its own. I don't know if you could have done much at all to prevent what happened, but maybe you'll find out. There is always more to learn for sure.

  6. In graduate school, my son interned in a bee study. So much is suffering in the bee community he said. hopefully your hives can have some recovery. I am so sorry about this loss.

  7. Keep at it and think positive


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