Sunday, June 14, 2020


Today was decoration day, where my folks are buried. I was there before 7 a.m. to collect donations from visitors. The money we collect on decoration day goes into a fund to keep the cemetery maintained.

In years past, there were hundreds of people who drove through the cemetery, placing flowers on the graves of their loved ones. These last few years, few people came. This year, even fewer.

I think this tradition has seen its better days. Fewer and fewer graves had flowers this year.  When this generation is gone, maybe the generations that follow will have new traditions onto which they can hold.


  1. This is a lovely tradition (which we don't I think have here). I do hope the up and coming generations can create a tradition which works for them.

  2. I notice that placing flowers on graves is slowly losing it’s tradition. As new generations come up, the less you see this. Nicks family always kept up the graves of loved ones but as the older ones have died off, they have slacked on doing the same.
    This is great what you do. Don’t stop.

  3. decorating the graves of my loved ones has been a long tradition here, but I must admit I haven't gone yet this year due to the fact that I've not been out shopping and couldn't get any flowers to decorate with. Sad but true, eventually I'll get there...

  4. We are split. We do decorate Sherry's parents graves twice a year. We seldom visit my families graves, they are some distance away. I was from a transit family, my siblings spread over NC. Sherry's family from a local mill hill and most of their lives here.
    Traditions do pass with generations it is obvious to see less graves decorated each year.

  5. PS: That is a very unique shot there.

  6. I love that stained glass effect, very pretty.
    Most of my relatives are far far away from me, visiting their graves is a near impossibility. But I do notice around town that most of the flowers are plastic. Probably because it's so dry and hot here the flowers wouldn't last very long ~ but they do fade and look awful.

  7. It is sad that people no longer wish to honor their forebears. After all we are who we come from.

  8. This is the same with my old hometown cemetery. 50 years ago it was a parade of people placing flowers and talking with each other. Like it said, it petered out to very few.

    I miss those walks with people I knew when I was young.

    How are your bees?


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