Friday, June 12, 2020

No power

It was still as a photograph outside this evening as we ate dinner. We did a trial subscription to Netflix and were watching a program when the power went off.

I have the power company on speed dial so I reported the outage. Jilda’s brother called to tell us that someone knocked down a power pole out on the main road. It will be at least a few hours before they get a crew out. Hopefully they will have it back on soon.

Fortunately, the weather is pleasant so we sat out on the back deck and listened to the owls in the distance. 

I’m writing this post on my phone.

UPDATE- our power came back on just before 9 p.m. woo Hoo. We don’t have to camp out tonight!


  1. Listening to owls would be a treat. The power outage not so much.
    I admire you for being able to write a post on your phone. It is a skill I do not have. Perhaps the new blogger interface will suit you.

  2. I am impressed you can write a post on your phone.

  3. Hopefully your power is restored soon. What a pain.

  4. Power outages are an inconvenience but at least your meal had been cooked.
    Possibly the real inconvenience was felt by the person that took out the power pole...

  5. I liked that 'Still as a photograph' You coin some good ones. And that is exactly as it is when power is lost. We do not experience it often but remember a long spell of no power after hurricane Hugo made its way this far inland. When I heard it was coming I scoffed, 'No way!' then the power went out. ha

  6. Isn't it amazing how quiet it all gets when the power is out? The fans, the refrigerator, the tv.....I love that part.

  7. You are fortunate that you didn't need air conditioning and could sit out and enjoy the night. Glad you are back on grid to day. I've never done a blog post on the phone.

  8. No power sucks, phones are awesome these days


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