Monday, June 29, 2020


It's been years since we planted watermelons. Early in the spring, we met one of our friends to give her some eggs, she reciprocated with four heirloom watermelon plants.

That afternoon, I took the tiller and broke up land that we've never used as a garden before. The main factor was that the plot gets over 9 hours of sunlight each day.

We knew within a few days that they were happy. You could stand still and almost see the vines grow.  Each morning brought more yellow blossoms.

We noticed a few weeks ago that there were several melons the size of goofballs. They've grown steadily since then.

This morning the rain moved off to the east and gave us a few minutes to get in some steps. We swung by to check on the melons and I snapped the picture below.

We need to do a little research to learn the right time to pick them. We are soooo excited.


  1. OUCH! Here we re tickled we have a tomato about the size of a quarter, and you show up with a nearly ripe Watermelon. WOW that is great. It looks good. we have never raised watermelons before. That one looks good.
    Good for you guys!
    I hope it is delicious!
    Sherry & jack

  2. I am envious of your melons. I've planted them on year and I told my son that I would harvest them the next day as they would be perfect. The next morning my son came to show me the damage the raccoons made. They attacked everyone of my melons. A total lost in a single night.
    I hope that you have no raccoons around.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Oh my that is going to make for some good eating come the 4th of July. The rains must have helped. They are full of water. so cool and refreshing.

  4. I love watermelon so good for you that you can grow them so well. I bet it will taste great

  5. That's a gorgeous watermelon. Now I'm hungry. Who will run out to the store to get watermelon for me?


  6. Who doesn't like watermelon


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