Tuesday, June 16, 2020


After lunch, Jilda and I stepped out onto the deck for an analog weather report. I leaned back in the wrought iron chair, closed my eyes, and turned my face to the sun.

A shadow flitted across the deck, and Ol' Hook launched off the deck in hot pursuit. He's deaf and not the sharpest tool in the elevator, but he loves chasing shadows.

I opened my eyes to watch him chasing the shadow of a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. It dipped down and visited the cucumbers, then over to the rosemary, before settling in on the butterfly bush.

It sat there and posed long enough for me to shoot a few pictures before it flitted off to torment Hook a little while longer.


  1. My butterfly bush has bloomed. I have a purple one. Unfortunately I have not seen many butterflies yet this year. I think I see more around July.
    Great photo.

  2. What a beautiful picture ! I hope Hook doesn't catch one, but meanwhile he is getting some good exercise.

  3. (SMILE) I am always amazed at your patience (I used to would have said luck) to catch a butterfly in a shot. THEY REFUSE to pose for me. HA! Ole Hook is not the only one to chase the illusive butterfly, old Stormy D loves to stalk and chase them.
    Sherry & jack

  4. Beautiful butterfly and isn’t it nice to have all these flowers that attract them. We have the same bushes but they are not in bloom yet. You made me laugh about your deaf doggie.

  5. I would have a good time watching Hook. Things like that make me smile.

  6. We would see dozens of these on fly fishing trips in early June. Seemed like they were all emerging at the same time.


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