Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Driving home this evening, I rolled down the window.  There is something hypnotic about the sound of the wind as it rushes by my window.

Pulling into my drive, I knew the gardenias were blooming before I saw them. The aroma would have made Mother Nature smile.

One can no longer see our backyard fence because of the gardenia bushes. They all started the same way – Jilda snapped the stem of a gardenia blossom, put it in a vase in our house. When the beauty fades, and the blossom petals fall, she keeps the stems watered.

After a few weeks, the stems all develop roots. We plant those roots, and they grow to ten or 12 feet tall. They just started blooming, but within a week, there will be hundreds of blossoms that look as if they were carved from ivory.


  1. Today, it seemed to us over night, Sherry's favorite bush out front is being covered with those White lovely flowers. Yes the smell is very strong and pleasant. Nice shot, I can almost smell a faint scent.
    SWEET entry
    Sherry & jack

  2. Colour me jealous.
    I adore gardenias but have a decidedly brown thumb where they are concerned.
    Thank you for your support for Cindi on my blog.

  3. That must be beautiful The small and the blooms ! Everyday it's something new. What a blessing.

  4. Oh that looks so lovely and do they smell? Jilda has a green thumb


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