Monday, June 22, 2020

Stormy day in June

Last night I wrote my blog entry on my phone. It's always a little wonky, but manageable. At 11:30 p.m., the light blinked on. The AC began cooling the house down immediately.

This morning, I was feeding the chickens when I heard the phrase "WELL SHIT." Without asking, I knew the power was off again.

I'm not sure if the storm yesterday broke limbs that waited until this morning to fall on the lines again or what. It took crewmen five hours to get our lights back on.

Thankfully, an occasional cool breeze made the screen porch comfortable enough to write some stories for the paper.

This afternoon, more storms swept through, but thankfully the lights stayed on. We'll have another day of turbulent weather tomorrow.

I drove to the gas station and bought gas for the generator – just in case.

Below, the bleeding heart flower that Jilda's grandmother gave her is showing out on the deck.


  1. And who might have said Well Shit? I don't believe it was Jilda.


  2. Sometimes shit just happens.... :-)

  3. Oh sounds like what we will be getting tomorrow. I feel it for sure and my doggie is limping too. I am sooo Tired..I am off to bed

  4. Comments above are true, of course you know that. LOL Take care and be safe, the bleeding hearts are beautiful. I have seen them growing before, but forgot their name (not unusual!)
    Sherry & jack

  5. So, even the chickens are so fed up with power outages they've taken to swearing.....

  6. Smiling at Alphie Soup's commment. And hoping the power stays on.

  7. The inconvenience of the power going out makes us wonder how we got along without it.

  8. Storms happen loss of power sucs but it could be worse


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