Saturday, June 20, 2020


We miss having people over. In normal years, we would have had a fish fry and several family gatherings by now. That all changed this year.

But today, we had company. It was the first time since early March that anyone has been here that was outside our "fam-is-sphere". Is that a word?

Our freezer is full of blueberries so we've invited our friends Daniel and Jo Frances to over to pick some.

We "howdy'd up" on the deck, before heading to the field of blueberry bushes. We had a great time together. They'd never been here before. We showed them the garden, the apiary, the honey house, and the barn. Jo Frances is an amazing photographer and she took a zillion pictures.

We loaded them down with blueberries, fresh veggies, eggs from the henhouse, and several plants for their garden.

I can't wait until things get back to normal so that we can celebrate with all our friends.


  1. We appreciate the close friends we have. It is good tht you could spend time and thrill them with so much 'Homey' stuff to carry home. That is hard to beat.
    The picture makes me smile, picture perfect.
    The best to you all down there.
    Sherry & jack

  2. Love that you had a meet up which went well - for everyone.

  3. Sound like your friends benefited from their visit. It's a blessing these days to meet up with any one these days. . We've ;earned; the importance of good friends since we rarely get to see them for sure.

  4. Had a nice chat with neighbors yesterday, we don't always see each other outside that often! Now that we're all walking for exercise we see each other more.

  5. Visiting with others is what a lot of us miss the most. I keep saying I hope this will all be over soon.

  6. Sounds like a good day was had by all! We had some friends stop over today and it was nice to catch up. Our blueberries aren't ripe yet so no sharing today! Some Amish farmers around our area are having problems with zucchini producing. Lack of bees is the problem and some farmers are borrowing hives so the plants will pollinate. We need those bees for sure!

  7. Have you ever tried making blueberry ice cream? It's delicious.


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