Monday, June 15, 2020


Our pomegranate bush has been hit or miss over the past several years. This year we pruned it in early spring and dug in compost and horse manure around its roots. It didn't take long for it to show its appreciation. 
It's a beautiful plant and I'm glad we took the time to make it feel welcome.


  1. Will this bear fruit? It sure is beautiful!

  2. This looks so bright a vibrant. Does this bear fruit? I love pomegranate

  3. I learned the word Pomegranate in the third grade when a buddy introduced the fruit to me. I seldom have it, but it is one of my favorite fruit tastes. I am assuming those blooms will produce fruit, at least I hope so. I don't remember ever seeing one in bloom. The color sure jumps out at you!

  4. It looks very, very happy indeed. Amd will no doubt continue to thank you.

  5. i loved this so much
    we have pomegranate in our front yard and his blooms are exactly like this ,so pretty and delightful

  6. I love Pomegranate and now I want a bush like that. I had no idea they would grow in our areas.

  7. A little tender loving care does work wonders. Both in people and in plant. How beautiful !

  8. I have two pomegranate trees in the garden, one of them came up from a sucker, but they both produce large fruit. The parrots in our garden love them and usually get to them before I do as they eat them before they are ripe enough for me to pick. Mine are at the end of fruiting now as its winter here. Yours looks very healthy.


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