Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Buddy says It's Too Hot To Walk

I should have gotten up earlier to walk this morning but I had a routine doctor's appointment so I decided to defer until this evening. When I finished working for the day around 6 p.m. I decided to get my exercise. Ol' Buddy was coolin' his heels under the table but he never misses a chance to get out and chase squirrels so he hit to door at warp speed. I grabbed my camera and my walking stick and set off back towards the barn. Buddy ran as fast as his short legs would take him but after a few minutes he sat down in the shade and waited for me to catch up. As I walked by I said come on boy let's go. He looked at me as if I had a horn growing out of my ear or perhaps a mental defect that required immediate attention.
If he could talk, he would have said something like "hey Bubba, it's July in Alabama. You might want to get yer head looked at." He sat there in the shade as I made several laps around the barn and back up to the road. I honestly believe a squirrel could have come up and bit him on the foot and he would not have chased it.
When we went back to the house, he ran in and didn't stop before he slid on his belly in front of the fan in the bedroom.
On days like today I get an irresistible urge to knock off a liquor store and have a swimming pool installed in the back yard.

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