Thursday, July 13, 2006

I tried something new

I mentioned last night that I was having computer problems. Good news is, the data was not lost. The bad news is, the computer is slower than Christmas. It took all day for the data to restore but it's there. I enter a command and it takes 30 to 40 seconds to do anything. This was a fast computer in "the day". Normally I would sit here at the keyboard and huff and snort and peck on the edge of the desk waiting for something to happen. My blood pressure would be so high that if a mosquito bit me in the temple the pressure would slam it against the wall like it was shot from a 357 magnum. But tonight, I tried something new. I would enter a command and then I picked up my guitar and practiced while waiting for the response. I learned a new song while checking my email. How cool is that?
I think there's a lesson here. No matter how frustrated I get, the computer will not display a picture one millisecond faster.
I've come to understand that I will either work out the bug or I will buy a new computer and put the old data on it. Either way the problem is solved.

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