Friday, July 14, 2006

Hot Day

I went for a walk around 9 a.m. the wind was blowing but it felt like the breath of satan blowing across my sweating face. All the dogs got under the porch and scratched for cooler earth. It occurred to me that had my porch fallen at that moment, I would have been called a redneck because it would have killed a bunch of dogs.
I worked from home today and the nature of my work kept me focused as a laser beam. When I finally knocked off a while ago, I was as tight as a banjo string. The last few days have been intense. As reported in the last few blogs, I had a hard drive to crash which contain a great deal of data. The restoral did not go as smoothly as advertised on the software website, but I did get all my data back and for that I am extremely thankful.
The Overalls are playing for a private party tomorrow night and we are excited. We have not performed in a long time so we are cranked....well, as cranked as you can get with an acoustic guitar. I've missed playing a great deal. The feeling you get when the crowd is into the music is incredible.
I was hoping it would rain today but it apparently fizzled out before it got to my house so I'll be up early in the morning watering my garden.
Y'all stay cool.

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