Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jasmine Frenzy

The Jasmine on our deck has got the birds and the bees in a feeding frenzy. I've never seen so many honey bees and bumble bees vying for the nectar. Come to think of it, it makes me a little crazy too. Each morning while I wait for the coffee water to boil at the crack of dawn, I walk out on the deck to take stock of the day. I check the sky for tale tale signs of rain clouds or some kind of indication of what the day holds in store. You can tell a lot just by standing there listening as the world wakes up. Now when I go out, I'm greeted by the sweet scent of Jasmine. I never tire of the smell. Jilda is worse than I because she breaks off little branches and puts them along with our sky blue hydrangea in small vases and places them in our bathrooms.
I walked this evening for my daily exercise. In the summer heat, I usually walk at work in our air conditioned building but I was busy all day to day and didn't get to walk. I promised myself that I would walk each day so rather than break a promise to myself, I walked this evening. You can see hints of change in the trees. I know hot weather takes its toll on vegetation, but you can also begin to see the effects of the changing season in the leaves of the ironwood, hickory and the lower brush like the blackberry and buckeye. Before you know it, we'll be talking about autumn leaves.
Some people say that time moves too fast, and to be honest I've been guilty myself, but the truth is, the ebb and flow of time is nothing less than remarkable.
The rhythm of life is evident not only in nature, but all around us. The daily paper has births, deaths, birthdays and weddings.
Soon the Jasmine will shed its blooms and start hunkering down for the fall and winter. We'll be left to look forward to the next gift that life has to offer.

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