Thursday, July 06, 2006

Life Lessons

I ran out of steam after lunch today. That happens every now and then. I had to go down to the break area and fix a cup of hot chocolate to get a little caffeine in the old system to stop yawning. I watched the clock for the last hour and I felt like the hour glass had gotten clogged up.
On the way home I saw an old friend at the filling station. Carman Belcher worked with me as a trainer and she got ax in one of the "workforce readjustments" that happened a few years ago. She was early sixties at the time, but she was one of the best trainers I have ever known.
Being cut by the company for which she had worked most of her life....and that she loved, hurt her deeply. Most people in her position would have been bitter and said harsh things about the company, but I never heard her utter one unkind word about the people who made the decisions or the company. She simply packed her stuff and drove off.
We talked a few times after that and I expected her to be depressed but she was always upbeat. When I saw her today, she told me she is a trainer for Compass Bank. She looked great. Carman hit the ground running and never looked back.
It occurred to me that Carman had something to teach me today. Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of time. Running down those who have wronged you does absolutely no only makes you someone who needs to blame others for your misfortune.
I hope that I can show the kind of class, dignity, and determination that Carman showed if what happened to her ever happens to me.
Thanks Carman for another life lesson.

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