Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Overalls

After about a year's hiatus, The Overalls are rehearsing again. We're really rusty, but I thought we sounded good. The last few years have been really difficult here at the Watson household, but things are getting better each day.
We're adding more instrumentation to the act. I've been working on harmonica and Jilda is working on the mandolin. The songlist has been updated and it's fun playing again. As I've said before, music is therapeutic. You can feel down and out, but when you pick up a guitar and begin to play, it lifts your spirits.
Yesterday there was a couple at the river that had obvious health problems. We played a few songs inside, but our hosts wanted us to play out in the yard under the shade of the oak and hickory where the bulk of people were. So when we went outside, the couple I mentioned came out too. I could tell it took an effort for them to be out there, but when we started to play they joined in and sang along. I like to think it was worth their effort. They thanked us repeatedly for playing the songs they requested.
Slaves back in the 1800's underwent a unspeakable conditions but the music that came out of that period had a profound impact on our lives. Music is special. It's been a gift in our lives. We've had the opportunity to do things we would never have been able to do had we not been musicians.
Anyhow, The Overalls are back, we're rested and soon we'll be playing at a venue near your.

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