Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It's so easy to lose focus. I've been on edge all day. I've got a lot on my plate right now and everyone I met wanted to give me more.
Once I got home, I have a lot to do here as well. I have websites that need updates and of course the blog entry that WILL BE DONE. As I was about to leap in the tasks at hand, Jilda pointed out that the container garden and the plants we got from Ruby's house were wilting under the heat and needed water.
I decided that the watering should come first. I quickly dragged the hose pipe out and started watering but my mind was elsewhere. I found myself clenching my teeth. Just then I thought "I need to be here now." I started breathing deeply and paying attention to the job at hand. Stress drained away like static electricity. I started to notice things that I had overlooked. Our pear trees are loaded with pears. I picked one and ate it while I watered. It was kind of crunchy, but it had a sweet taste that only homegrown fruit has. The dogs are always interested in what I do so they had to come up and inspect my work. Each time one came within range, I sprayed him with the hosepipe. They would take off like a shot, but they kept coming back for more.
I finished up in the back yard and moved the hosepipe to the front and as I reached to hook it to the faucet, I saw a large frog on the bottom of the watering pan I use for the dogs. He had swam to the bottom and was sitting very still so as not to be discovered.
It's easy to lose focus and not be in "the now". Usually when you're not in "the now", you're worrying about things that will probably never happen....you don't honor the present with your attention. If you make a habit of this, huge chunks of your life will slip between your fingers.
Life's too precious to shortchange today for a jump on tomorrow.

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  1. Wasn't it Mark Twain who said "I'm an old man and have known many infirmities but fortunately none have happened to me" (or something similar)?


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