Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Y'all Say a Prayer For My Computer

I got up this morning to update my website and I got a "directory unavailable" message. Uh oh.....this doesn't sound good I thought to myself. When I looked at "My Computer" panel, the drive was gone. This can only mean one thing. That whining sound I heard last night was not a dusty fan motor but a hard drive singing it's last electromagnetic song.
I actually have two hard drives on my computer, one for the operating system (where Windows lives) and another where I store ALL my pictures, my five thousand songs, my Dora High School website which contains upwards of 50,000 pictures, stories, and about four years of my life.
Like all good computer geeks, I backup my data. I have an external drive that stores backups for my two internal drives. So today I went to BestBuy and bought a new replacement drive for the one that died. I hit the old restore button and it started complaining.....a few clicks of the IGNORE button and a CONTINUE or two and it's in there doing something. I can't bring myself to watch it. I'm writing this on my laptop. I should know something in a few hours.
I know with all the crazy things going on in this world today it sounds awfully simple minded to say a prayer for my computer, but I find myself doing it just the same.
More later.

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