Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Rust is Beginning to Shine

The Overalls have started rehearsing again. We are much more focused this time. I think we all had gotten burned out so we took a sabbatical. When we practiced a few weeks ago, it felt good, but we were really rusty. Today, there was still some rough spots, but the rust is beginning to shine.
We've added a lot of new material to our act...stuff that's fun to play. We are also adding some more instrumentation. Jilda is working in the mandolin and I'm playing harmonica.
We play a private party next weekend and we have other gigs lined up for the fall. The City of Sumiton is planning a festival in October and the Arts Council of Covington County has asked us to consider playing at their event. We'll play at the festival and we will also go into the schools and do songwriter workshops for kids who are interested in music.
Currently, we are pitching a Christmas song we wrote with our friend Tracy a few years ago. It's called "Christmas of my Dreams." I know it sounds funny to be pitching Christmas songs in the summer, but now is when they are being recorded so they will be ready in December.
There's an amusing story about the guys that wrote "Let it Snow." They were in New York City in August and if you think it's hot in Alabama in August, you need to spend a few August days in New York City. Anyhow these guys were working in an apartment in the city which had no air conditioning. One of them started Singing "Let it snow, let is snow let it snow." They laughed and wrote. Bing Crosby sang it in White Christmas and the rest is history.
A good Christmas song is like an annuity. Each year it gets played between Halloween and New Years all over the country, and in March ASCAP sends you a big honkin' check. I love America.
Well, I've got to get back to practice because there is some rust that needs a little polish.

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