Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Car Trouble

Last weekend Jilda mentioned that her car wasn't cooling correctly. I checked the coolant and it was pretty low so I got some refrigerant and put it in. Everything seemed fine for a day or two and then the weather started heating up around here and the Volvo was not cooling again.
I drove it in to the Volvo shop this morning and I got a call around ten. "It's your....." Should I be sitting down, I interrupted. "I would," he said.
The Volvo is a remarkable feat of engineering. You can replace practically any part on the car with a pair of pliers, a screw driver and a crescent wrench.....every part except the one that has to be replaced. Apparently they will have to fly in a mechanic from Sweden to help in the dis-assembly of the Volvo. I could buy a Ford Focus for what this repair is going to cost to make this air conditioner work.
I called Jilda with the news. I tested the water by saying "you know Honey, we didn't have air conditioning in our cars for years," I reminded. "JUST FIX IT!!!!" she hissed. So I'm looking at knocking off a liquor store tomorrow to pay for the repair. I'd take out a second mortgage on the house, but I doubt we have enough equity.
Of course I'm kidding. It won't be cheap to fix "Ingrid" (that's what Jilda calls her car), but we paid the car off a few years ago and a repair bill every now and then is much better than a car payment.
Hopefully I'll be driving home tomorrow in cool comfort. If not, I may be looking for a place to live until the weather cools of this autumn.

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  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Rick,i love your way with words, i needed that laugh tonight. i can't wait until you finish your book. Regina


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