Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rain Dance

I drove by those blinking bank signs that shows the time and temperature at 6:30 yesterday evening and it was blinking 100 degrees. I know my friends out in Arizona would call us here in Alabama wimps for complaining about a measly 100 degrees but our humidity here is just slightly less than that of a glass of water which not only makes it hot but the sweat on your body does not evaporate which makes you feel as though you are being cooked like a kettle of fish.
The garden is surviving but there's a good chance I'll have to sell some blood to pay the water bill next month.
Several years ago we had a summer like this and we lost a lot of pine trees. They are more shallow rooted than the hardwoods and when the weather turns hot and there is no rain, they are the first to check out.
Jilda and I are going out after dark this evening to do a rain dance. We've already warned our neighbors so they won't call the county cops if they hear strange things emanating from our house.
The weatherman is giving us a slight chance for some showers on Monday and Tuesday so we think the rain dance just might tilt the scales in our favor.

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  1. Good luck with the rain dance. Any chance a video of it will show up on UTube? If it's any consolation, our air conditioner went belly-up Friday night and we are trying to rely on our swamp cooler, so the humidity in the house approaches yours. Brings back memories of living back in Rochester, NY. Or should I say - nightmares.


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