Sunday, June 24, 2007


The thunder drove the dogs under the office desk today. The wind came up and blew down several of our tomato cages. It rained for about two minutes before drifting off to the east.
Jilda's daddy used to say "it's gonna take a hurricane to disrupt this dry spell." He was right more often than not.
That's one good thing about getting some years on you. If you pay attention you can learn a lot that helps you later in life. I wish young folks would take advantage of the wisdom accumulated by older folks because it could save them a mountain of grief. But most of them are like I was when I was their age. I had to do things my way and it cost me a bundle. Not only money, but time, energy and health. Only now from this vantage point looking back do I understand just how clever our parents were.
Our folks told us to get some education, stay away from debt, live on less than you make, save a little for hard times, and always remember your friends. Some of these things we learned the hard way later in life but had we had the wisdom when we were younger we would have been much better off. Oh well, it's like the old saying "there's no use in crying over water under the bridge." :)

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  1. It's the old story isn't it? As they say, you can't put an old head on young shoulders...
    Ms Soup


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