Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Geared Up For Nothing

I was geared up for a fight today. You probably remember the rant a few weeks ago about the cost of repairs on Jilda's Volvo. I had to sell a kidney to finance that work. This weekend when we were coming home from an errand I noticed a leak on the passenger's side. When we checked the floor mat it was soaking wet.
I had the car there this morning when they opened their doors. They hustled the Volvo into the first bay and then took me to work. When I called before lunch I was ready to go on the offensive but the guy said we found the problem, we fixed it and there will be no charge. . . . but, but, but, -- no charge I squeaked? No charge. It was a drain hose that had been stopped up. "That's something we usually check but we failed to do it this time and it caused the problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
They asked if I wanted them to bring the car to me but as it turns out a co-worker lives nearby and he dropped me off.
I was happy they did the right thing and fixed the car. Quite frankly I wondered how long I could survive if I had to give up the other kidney but fortunately I'll get to keep that one as a future bargaining chip.

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