Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The sun beat down here today and dried the earth to something that resembled a moonscape. I kicked the ground in the garden and a cloud of what looked like Bruton Snuff came up and drifted back down to the furrows. I walked back to hook up the hose to give the tomatoes a drink and when I looked beyond the deck there were five noses up against the glass of our garden door.
Most of our dogs are old as the hills and when the weather gets hotter than a NASCAR manifold we keep them indoors. When I mention this fact at work, there are those who scowl and say "I would never allow a dog in my house," I simply say well, you wouldn't like it at our house. But I digress - when I looked up at all the critters watching me with fervent interest, I decided to let them out for a run.
When I opened the door, I was almost trampled. They were ecstatic - bounding, barking and jumping like they had springs on their feet. It occurred to me that they were experience an exquisite sense of joy. If you could bottle that stuff you could make a million dollars....well now that I think, they already do and market it under the the name Jose Quervo Tequilla. Except the bounding, barking and jumping is usually not as graceful as the dogs.
They ran wild while I hosed enough water on the garden to keep if alive until the rain comes.
If the weatherman's prediction is correct this weekend, we all might get out and play in the rain.

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  1. We have always let our dogs stay in the house. We have a dog door that they use during the day which we close at night, because of the threat of coyotes. Ginger is indoors except for her toilet duties and Pepper is mostly outdoors. Two completely different personalities for litter-mates.


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