Thursday, June 07, 2007


I went out to the drug store just before lunch today to fetch some antibiotics and pain medicine for Jilda. The air was thick with humidity and the wind was out of the west. The sky was blue with low-hanging cotton clouds and off in the distance I could here the sound of wild birds.
As I walked from my truck to the store it felt like the first day I stepped off the plane in Panama. I instinctively looked around for a chiva bus. A chiva bus in Panama was usually a brightly colored Chevy panel truck from the 40's and 50's. They all had the windows and doors cut out and several seats welded down so that a few passengers could sit. But just because there were no seats didn't mean you couldn't ride. If you could find a place to hang on you could ride for a quarter. Panama was only about six degrees above the equator so it's supposed to be tropical but today, here in Empire, Alabama it felt a lot like Panama.
This afternoon it clouded up and threatened to rain, but all we got was a shower that lasted about thirty seconds and then the sun came back out like a blast furnace. The effect was not unlike that of steam room at a spa.
So this evening I went out and watered the garden to try and keep it from getting blazed. Hopefully it will rain soon and give the earth a much needed drink of water.

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