Monday, June 04, 2007

While We're Still Alive

Jilda and I went to the funeral home last night. A long time friend had passed away. She sold Avon for many years and knew everybody and their sister. As a result there was a line at the visitation that stretched out the front door.
As the line inched toward the front, I must have seen fifty old friends and neighbors. I found it more than a little sad that it seems the only time we see old friends is at the funeral home. I think life is a little too hectic and we find ourselves spending major time on minor things as Jim Rohn said. We've actually done better this year than in years past but we could do better.
I've mentioned this before, but I'd like to have a party barn and about once a month have a big ol' Bar-B-Que and invite pickers, singers, and dancers along with a bunch of listeners. When the pickers get tired, everybody could sit around a campfire, tell lies, and enjoy each other while we are still alive.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I have a barn. I can get Green Top BBQ and tons of beer. You provide the music and we are all set!!


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