Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fresh Squash

We ate fresh squash and green beans tonight for supper and it's difficult to describe how good they were. Yesterday I walked outside to get some fresh air and to let Ol' Buddy out to run so I sat down at the edge of the garden and eyed the tomatoes. The vines are hanging full but they are all still green as crab apples. I thought maybe if I sat there a while and encouraged them they would start to turn but when I walked down this evening to fetch the squash beans and pepper, the tomatoes were still green. When the do start to turn, we'll have tomatoes coming out our ears.
We had a 90 percent chance of rain today. A cloud swept through this morning and provided a 40 second shower, but not enough to settle the dust. In Birmingham it came a gully washer but we got no more rain. I guess I'll be back to my watering duties tomorrow.
I'm still recovering from my all nighter on Sunday night so my thoughts are a bit thin. More tomorrow.


  1. I see where the weather channel has revised their 10-day forecast and have taken out most of the rain for the Birmingham area. That's too bad. Maybe you'll need to start planting desert plants. I hope not.

  2. Hey, maybe you're on to something. What I need is to start selling cactus.


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