Sunday, June 10, 2007

Keeping the stories alive

I sat under the tent down at Davis Cemetery this morning taking donations for the cleanup fund. As I described earlier the old cemetery has been around for a few hundred years and the planners didn't consider how hard it would be to keep it clean because the graves are laid out in a hap-hazard fashion. Some plots are sectioned off with small fences or cement blocks. It's an expensive proposition and can be a thankless job.
The thing I found interesting today as I watched people come and go was that there were not many young people bringing flowers. Most of the young folks that did come were driving older people. And it occurred to me that things seem to be changing. I hope I'm wrong about this, but I find myself wondering if our young folks will find the time to care for their dead ancestors.
I've always believed that it was important work. Those who passed through this world before us helped to make us who we are today.
As is usually the case on decoration day, there were people that came by to sit for a spell under the shade of the tent. Almost every one had a story to share about someone buried at the cemetery. Some of the stories were quite remarkable.
It is my intention to use the website to keep these stories alive and if I can convince some of the younger folks to get involved, that would be even better.

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