Friday, June 29, 2007


Jilda and I went to a friend's studio tonight to record a new song we'd written. The song sounds a little rough now but not bad for a first pass. We'll listen to this piece for a few days before going back in the studio to do the cut.
Our buddy Fred is great with sound. He's worked on the road doing sound with a ton of big name country artists. He has settled down and living not far from us. We write songs together and in fact the song we worked on tonight was written with him.
On the way home tonight the sky overhead was clear as a bell but off in the distance, we could see shards of lightening stabbing the horizon. It occurred to us we had left our dogs in the back yard when we left. Fortunately the storm stayed off to the north and the K-9's were happy to see us but not hysterical from the thunder.
This has been a brutal week at work and I'm running on empty.
Until tomorrow.

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