Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beacon House Kids

The folks from the Beacon House asked us last week if we could consider playing for the kids this evening. Jilda and I used to volunteer at the Beacon House, which is a temporary home for disadvantaged youths. It was rewarding work, but our schedules became more hectic and we drifted away from that work. It was rewarding and I'm glad we invested the time.
When we started playing tonight, I wasn't sure how we would be received. We don't listen to pop radio so I have no idea what kids are listening to these days, but I was fairly sure it wasn't the kind of music we play. We played a few songs and some of them began to come around. By the time we had finished we coaxed a smile out of everyone.
I feel for these kids. It's easy to put a label on them, but I've learned some of their stories and I can't say with any certainty that if I were their age here and now, that I would behave any differently. Statistic show that some of these kids will survive and thrive, but some of them will crash and burn before they ever reach adulthood.
I wish there were words, or medicine, or some kind of magic wand that you could use to help make their lives better. But those things are the stuff of dreams. But the least I can do is visit them now and again and share a little music, and put a smile on their faces for a little while.

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