Sunday, May 04, 2008

Headed South

Tomorrow, May 5th is our anniversary and we headed southwest after lunch. Ol' Buddy was mad as a hornet because he knows when we pack our travel bags we'll be gone overnight and he is not happy. In fact, when we get home, I'm sure the stuff in our bathroom wastebaskets will be shredded into a million pieces. That's what he does when he's upset. We understand that and in fact, we make sure we leave some paper and some other stuff in there that's safe for him to destroy.
We took a side trip to Eutaw, Alabama. It's south and west of Tuscaloosa. It's about five miles off I-20 and in the heart of the Bible belt. Neither of us had ever been but someone had told us about the beautiful houses there that were built before the Civil War.
We came across the Kirkland house on highway 43 that runs through Eutaw. There were several others but the light wasn't right.
We also came across a large hayfield and someone had had a large time with the bales of hay.
I can hear Jilda's stomach growling so I guess it's time to go eat.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Jilda. And many, many more!


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