Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ol' Buddy and the Rain

Ol' Buddy loves to meet me in the evenings when I drive into the yard from work. Jilda says he starts whining at the door about 4:30 each evening, wanting to go outside. He comes to the end of the walkway and lies there waiting.
When he hears the crunching of gravel under my tires, he starts barking and wagging his whole bottom end. He is one happy dog. Before I unload my backpack from the truck, he races up to me and runs circles around me. I have to pet him up good before I can head in. He then charges ahead as if to tell the world MY DADDY'S HOME, GET SUPPER ON THE TABLE!!!
Today as I got closer to home, the rain was pouring like Niagara Falls and my driveway was like a pond. Ol' Buddy was not outside, because he hates the rain. He was up on the screen porch, barking me up good. I had to go up on the porch and go into the house from the side door and pet him there. He's a funny little creature.

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